Our History


A 100% minority-owned business, Cindys’ In Stitches was established as a partnership on January 12, 2002 and incorporated in July of 2004.  The formation of the company was the result of the seemingly natural evolution of a friendship between two women named Cindy who met in corporate America and quickly became friends. One Cindy’s background was in sales, the other’s was in operations. Transcending the natural conflicts of their positions and finding they were still able to maintain their friendship, they eventually embarked upon a joint venture wherein they could bring their strengths in customer service, attention to detail and quality to the forefront.


A small business needs to use particularly creative marketing techniques in order to introduce its name and products to potential clients and, ultimately, rise above the competition. Cindys’ In Stitches is no exception.  Seven years ago we knew we would have to think outside that proverbial box in order to break into a very crowded and highly competitive market.  Cindys’ did so by organizing home shopping and networking parties and taking part in craft shows small and large where we displayed and sold our merchandise; we even utilized real estate open houses to get our feet into the door of an untapped market.  These creative, introductory approaches allowed us to initiate contact with many corporate decision makers and then, with all four feet in the door, we were able to put into action what makes Cindys’ stand out amongst its competition:  creating new designs and apparel options for corporate customers by utilizing trend-setting new products such as Swarovski crystals, rhinestone embellishments, heat transfers and many other new techniques and products which enable us to complement basic embroidery programs and elevate the impact of each clients’ marketing program.  Once the program is fully activated, Cindys’ creates complete name recognition marketing programs for each of their clients that include customized monogrammed apparel and promotional products, incorporating creative design ideas and program-specific marketing campaigns.  To stay on top of these new, in-demand techniques and products, the owners immerse themselves in continuing education by attending seminars, annual trade shows and conferences.


Seven years after its launch, the success and accomplishments of Cindys’ In Stitches have well exceeded our expectations.  Originally begun as a home business, we were fortunate enough to need only a nominal start-up investment and thus did not need to secure a business loan to begin operations.  Well ahead of schedule, business levels enabled us to purchase our second major piece of equipment only six months into business.  Within the first year of operation we were once again fortunate in that we were able to secure major local and national corporate accounts.  However, meeting the increased needs of these high profile companies within the confines of our home office proved overwhelming and it soon became necessary to move into commercial property in order to satisfy this increased demand.  In April 2008 we moved again to larger commercial space as business levels continued to increase.

We are proud to say that a large part of our customer base comes from within our own industry.  Many promotional products companies sell apparel but do not do their own decorating.  We have secured the trust of our peers by providing the best quality products while protecting the confidentiality of their largest accounts.


When we created our business plan at the inception of Cindys’ In Stitches, one of the most important components of that plan was to continually seek out ways in which we could involve our company within the Fishers community, supporting those events that benefit the community proper, as well as the philanthropic needs within that community.  As small business owners ourselves we feel that it is important to interact with the other members of our small but growing community, in order to make a positive impact and contribution to that growth.  We take an active role as participants on the Chamber Event Marketing Committee as well as the chamber Golf Outing, Flavor of Fishers & Pillar Awards; play a part in many Fishers Freedom Festival activities; patronize other Fishers businesses for our consumable and other vendor needs whenever possible, and actively recruit new members to the Chamber.  We have also been active volunteers and partners of the Geist Half Marathon since its inception. Specifically targeting the charitable needs of the city, we have had the privilege to support the local police and fire departments, schools, churches and other not-for-profit organizations through both monetary donations and discounted merchandise.

Cindys’ In Stitches actively sponsors numerous fund-raising events such as the Arni’s Golf outing, which annually donates the proceeds to a revolving charity.  Sponsor a team for the Race for the Cure event.  Annual donations made by Cindys’ In Stitches include Easter basket items for the St. Vincent Children’s Hospital as well as merchandise and monetary donations for the Dress for Success gala event, Easter Seals, Tri Kappa, and numerous local school fundraising events.

But while the success of our business has certainly instilled a sense of accomplishment within us as small business owners, it is our commitment to quality, customer service and community that imparts a true sense of pride.